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~*-*Cantemos *-*~

Tema en 'Diálogos' iniciado por Itzel Autumn, 16 Octubre 2008.


    SAKUSTARS Cemzoonita

    No trates de vivir tan sabiamente
    No llores porque estas en lo correcto
    No te seques con mentiras o miedos
    Porque te odiaras a ti mismo al final

    danifletcher Cemzoonita

    que buen tema! me parece que este es nuestro post aiko por que no le cambiamos el nombre?

    I'll tell you now you can't win this
    you're way too slow
    i'll tell you i'm gonna take this
    did you come here to watch me burn?

    pd: si otro pd, a ver quien gana por que los temas se acaban
  3. xq deberia hacerlo?

    Over and over, over and over
    I fall for you
    Over and over, over and over
    I try not to:musica:

    danifletcher Cemzoonita

    when you finally trust me
    finally belive in me

    a ver si me crees
  5. Cause life starts now.
    You've done all the things that could kill you somehow
    And you're so far down
    But you will survive it somehow because life starts now.:musica:

    aun sigo sin creerlo

    danifletcher Cemzoonita

    it's hard to fly when you can't even run
    once i had the world, but now i've got no one
    If i needed someone to control me
    if i need someone to hold me down
    i would change my direction
    and save myself before i...

    estas jugando con mis sentimientos
  7. Standing on my own
    Remembering the one I left at home
    Forget about the life I used to know
    Forget about the one I left at home

    eso es lo q mas odio hacer... u_u

    danifletcher Cemzoonita

    Worn out and faded
    The weakness starts to show
    They’ve created the generation
    That we know
    Washed up and hated
    The system moves to slow
    They give us answers
    To questions they don’t even know

    ufff tarde mucho
  9. I will let you down
    I’ll let you down,
    I’ll let you down, I’ll
    When do you finally trust me
    Finally believe in me:musica:

    danifletcher Cemzoonita

    eso tiene doble sentido XD

    I could be fake
    i could be stupid
    you know i could be just like you
  11. jejejeje xD

    We are the ones
    We get knocked down
    We get back up and stand above the crowd:musica:
  12. jejejeje xD

    We are the ones
    We get knocked down
    We get back up and stand above the crowd:musica:

    danifletcher Cemzoonita

    This was my first love
    She was teh first to go
    And when she left me for you
    I was the last to know

  14. Like a gift from the heavens
    It was easy to tell
    It was love from above
    That could save me from hell
    She had fire in her soul
    It was easy to see:musica:

    danifletcher Cemzoonita

    And now I try hard to make it
    I just want to make you proud
    I´m never gonna be good enough for you
    I can´t pretend that
    I´m alright
    And you can´t change me
  16. I will not bow
    I will not break
    I will shut the world away
    I will not fall
    I will not fade
    I will take your breath away
    Heather Autumn

    Heather Autumn Cemzoonita

    I tried and tried to let you know I love you, but I'm letting go :musica:

    danifletcher Cemzoonita

    Yo estoy enamorado de vos
    desde hace mucho tiempo
    me gusta tu cuerpo esbelto
    pero mas me gusta lo de adentro
    muchas veces me di vuelta por vos
    y muchas dadas vueltas mas yo tendre
    siempre te he sido fiel,
    pero vos conmigo no lo sos

    Cerveza yo te quiero
    Cerveza yo adoro
    Cerveza yo te quiero......gacha yo te adoro!

    pd:jaajaa que grande mosca parecia que hablaba de una mina y despues sale con la cerveza XD
  19. I see you cuz you won't get out off my way:musica:

    danifletcher Cemzoonita

    to find my self again my walls are closing in
    (whith out a sence of confidence and im convinced that theres to much pressure to take)
    ive felt this way before
    so insecure

    crawling in my skin
    consuming all i feel
    fear is how i fall confusing what is real
  21. Put me to sleep evil angel.
    Open your wings evil angel:musica:

    Aimi Cemzoonita

    Y ahora estás tu sin mi ~ :musica:
  23. You were the first to say
    That we were not ok
    You were the firt to lie
    When we were not alright
    This was my first love
    She was teh first to go
    And when she left me for you
    I was the last to know:musica:

    Aimi Cemzoonita

    She’s got a new addiction, for every day and night ~ :musica:

    Navaja Cemzoonita

    :musica: Makes Me Happy~ :musica:
    Natsuki san

    Natsuki san Equipo administrativo pokemonNatsuki

    duermo para en ti soñar~
    con la noche por testigo ...
    no te miento cuando digo... este amor es de vdd...
    te kiero sin importar lo ke la historia decida... :musica:

    danifletcher Cemzoonita

    i see your fantasy, you want to make it a reality paved in gold
    see inside, inside of our heads yeah
    well now that’s over
    i see your motives inside, decisions to hide

    back off i’ll take you on
    headstrong to take on anyone
    i know that you are wrong
    headstrong we’re headstrong
  28. I'm wasting away
    And it's all I can take
    I'm ready to change
    I'm not gonna break:musica:

    danifletcher Cemzoonita

    BREAK away form everybody
    BREAK away from everything
    If you can’t stand the way this place is
    Take yourself to higher places

    Kibary <3

    Kibary <3 Cemzoonita

    Es el anochecer del día
    me siento y veo niños jugar
    veo rostros sonrientes
    pero no para mí
    Me siento y dejo caer lágrimas :musica:

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