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    jhancely Cemzoonita

    :musica:besame, dame un beso de esos que me llegue al alma, que me devuelva la calma, anda solo besame, como en aquel primer beso que nos dimos, cuando me dijiste al oido, amor solo besame:musica:

    ALmah Cemzoonita

    So sorry it's over.....
    there's so much more that i wanted and.....
    there's so much more that i needed and.....
    time keeps moving on and on and on....
    soon we'll all be gone....

    naruhina Cemzoonita

    es la que vive como tu de las puecias

    ALmah Cemzoonita

    violencia violencia caos depresion
    el periodico la tele mas depravacion
    politicos enfermos tienen mucha ambicion
    terrukos tarados patetica vision......!
  5. y al final ni hablar
    los dos nos destruimos
    y al final que tal
    tu y yo ya no existimos:musica:

    Aimi Cemzoonita

    Dónde estás amor, que yo no logro hallarte ~:musica:
  7. I hate everything about you
    Why do I love you
    I hate everything about you
    Why do I love you:musica:

    KANATA Cemzoonita

    solo soy, marioneta de tus sueños :musica:

    ALmah Cemzoonita

    si es que hay que pelear por ella
    lo haré se que valdrá la pena
    no soy ningun idiota
    por ella no lo seré
    ahora se que ella es para mi
    aunque no fume, no chupe y no somos iguales
    por ti princesa pelearé
  10. Jump up, fall down
    gonna play it loud now.
    Don't care, my head's
    spinning all around now.
    I swear I'll do
    anything that I have to
    till I forget about you.:musica:

    danifletcher Cemzoonita

    somehow i found a way to get lost in you

    pd: dedicado para aiko!;)
  12. I've been changin' but you'll never see me now
    (i've been changin' but you'll never see me now)
    now i'm blaming you for everything :musica:

    PD: xq me la dedicas a mi? n_n
  13. I'm beautiful in my way,
    'Cause God makes no mistakes
    I'm on the right track, baby
    I was born this way :musica:
  14. Whoaaaaa Mona Lisa, you're guaranteed to run this town.
    Whoaaaaa Mona Lisa, i'd paid to see you frown.:musica:
    Heather Autumn

    Heather Autumn Cemzoonita

    I will wait for you, as long as I need to :musica:

    ALmah Cemzoonita

    hay k pena k me dan...
    tienen estadio y no son lokales....
    nos llevaste para halla...
    y el gallinero quedo por partes...:musica:

    danifletcher Cemzoonita

    It’s like I’m paranoid lookin’ over my back
    It’s like a whirlwind inside of my head
    It’s like I can’t stop what I’m hearing within
    It’s like the face inside is right beneath my skin

    pd:aguante linkin! y si te la dedique a vos aiko por que three days grace es mi banda favorita
  18. Standing on my own
    Remembering the one I left at home
    Forget about the life I used to know
    Forget about the one I left at home:musica:

    PD: mas fino >.< amo esa banda es lo mejor!!!! y mas x la letra q puse horita
    grax x la dedicatoria n_n

    danifletcher Cemzoonita

    I need to run far away
    Can't go back to that place
    Like she told me
    I'm just a big disgrace
  20. you always disappear
    even when you're here
    this is not my home
    i think i'm better off alone:musica:

    danifletcher Cemzoonita

    I try to make you see my side
    Always trying to stay in line
    But your eyes see right through
    That's all they do

    pd: que buena frace, aiko te lo advierto si seguis poniendo canciones de three days grace me voy a enamorar de vos XD
  22. I will not die, I'll wait here for you
    I feel alive, when you're beside me
    I will not die, I'll wait here for you
    In my time of dying:musica:

    PD: grax xD
    vamos a si es verdad eso.... aunque no creo q three day grace haga q te enamores de mi xD

    danifletcher Cemzoonita

    Now things are coming clear
    And I don't need you here
    And in this world around me
    I'm glad you disappeared
    So I'll stay out all night
    Get drunk and fuck and fight
    Until the morning comes I'll
    Forget about our life

    pd:ya estoy totalmente enamorado de vos!
    lastima que me tengo que ir, saludos
  24. You were the first to say
    That we were not ok
    You were the firt to lie
    When we were not alright
    This was my first love
    She was teh first to go
    And when she left me for you
    I was the last to know:musica:

    PD: con esta llore, cuidate nos vemos mañana
    no exageres no creo q te enamoraste de mi asi de rapido xD

    danifletcher Cemzoonita

    si que lindo tema,last to know...aca va mi tema preferido:
    turu rutu turuturu (intro de guitarra XD)
    I´m not sober all the time
    You bring me down at least you try
    Until we see this eye to eye
    I don´t want you
    I must be running out of luck
    Cause you´re just not drunk enough to fuck
    And now I´ve had it up to here
    I don´t want you
    It took so long to see
    You walked away from me
    When I need you
    Wake up I´m pounding on the door
    I´m not the man I was before
    Where the hell are you
    When I need you

    pd:no exagero, miralo de esta forma,vos decis que amas three days grace, justo mi banda preferida a la cual casi nadie conoce(por lo menos no en mi pais)y justo coincidimos en el mismo foro de tantos que hay, me parece que es una en diezmil,no se si estoy enamorado de vos pero por lo menos lograste que me interese mucho,y eso que a mi no me interesa nadie,bueno... hasta ahora ;)
  26. This world will never be
    What I expected
    And if I don't belong
    Who would have guessed it
    I will not leave alone
    Everything that I own
    To make you feel like it's not too late
    It's never too late:musica:

    PD: esa es mi cancion favorita y te juro que con esa lloro, bueno de enamorarte de mi no creo pero que te llame el interes si es creible aunque de todas forma... no creo q te guste unicamente xq nos guste la misma bandfa (aunque yo la ame demasiado *-*)

    danifletcher Cemzoonita

    If you were dead or still alive
    I don't care, I don't care
    Just go and leave this all behind
    cause I swear, (I swear) I don’t care

    pd:este es el tema que mas me vuela la cabeza!
    pd2:mejor la cortamos con los post data no?xXD
    pd3:que bueno encontrarte aiko!
  28. Pain, without love
    Pain, I can't get enough
    Pain, I like it rough
    'Cause I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all
    Pain, without love
    Pain, I can't get enough
    Pain, I like it rough
    'Cause I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all:musica:

    PD: si creo q es mejor hablarlo en otra parte xD
    no sabes como me identifico cn esta cancion *-*
    jejejejeje... me alegra eso

    danifletcher Cemzoonita

    The life I think about
    Is so much better than this
    I never thought I'd be stuck in this mess
    I'm sick of wondering
    Is it life or death
    I need to figure out who's behind you
  30. Livin’ in a world so cold
    Wasting away
    Livin’ in a shell with no soul
    Since you’ve gone away
    Livin’ in a world so cold
    Counting the days
    Since you’ve gone away
    You’ve gone away:musica:

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