When you're only most important to yourself.

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You're there thinking "I'm alone", then you say: "I have both my parents, they love me", but you come to think, you're looking for a significant other.

Your parents are happy together, you must understand you're a product, you're not them, you're not their love, not entirely, as they share love, you'll feel incomplete affection.

Your friends fade away as you recall someone that loves you, who really cares about YOU.
¿Where are you? Oh, stranger.

Many people claiming your importance, but you do not take them in count.
You want that person, the one who said those words of great magnitude.

¿Who are you? Oh, stranger.

If that one person you already know refuses to minimize you, that would work, that ain't happening any time soon.
But another person you know cannot ignore the hate, the afraid, the ignorance, this isn't working.

¿What are you going to do? ¿What I'm going to do?

Then I realize how important I am to myself ¿is it not?

Yes, you're right.

I'm the only one in the first row cheering myself, I'm the only one there, hoping me to win, this veil of apathy and negativity is blinding my self-esteem, my own love.

There will be no one else doing that, being with me in the worst, in the most precarious moment, in the absolute sadness.

I will rise again.

(momentos de depresión endógena temporal, se me pasará en un ratito... sí, yo escribí eso, me gusta mas escribir en inglés que en español, se me facilitan los verbos, escribo bien cagado, todo está bien clicheado, pero me sirve para desahogar ciertos aspectos de mi vida que no dejan de atormentarme y aparentemente, nunca dejarán de hacerlo).
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