What's Your View about Good Cosplay?

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What's your view about a great cosplay, after seeing so many cosers' work? Which part is your focus when you judge a cosplay? For example, the coser's makeup, or the wig, costume, or just the coser's performance, whether he or she is in the character or not? Of course, it is hard to see a perfect cosplay, because it is really not easy!

1. Own a good whole cosplay outfit for a cosplay, the right color and style cosplay wigs, cosplay costume and shoes. They should be a good match, otherwise your cosplay might look poor. So, don't just spend your energy on a part, you should make effort to make a nice whole title="cosplay outfit!
2. Know and love the character you cosplay. When there is someone who interested in your cosplay, and want to know more about the character, you will be the information service. And love the character, it can help you act more like the character. Experience it, and you would know how to be in the character.
3. At least, look a little like the character. If your body shape or appearance are very difference from it, you would better give up!
4. Keep smile. Because your smile would make audience feel good! And they would love to approach a friendly coser!

Well, sometimes, it doesn't matter that your cosplay looks not so good, as long as you can get fun from it, it is successful! Everyone has his own opinion of judging a good cosplay, so what's your view?
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