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Hahaha I can't believe what I'm reading....

"it's as rich a satire of married life"

c'mon you cannot be serious...

"he perfectly framed photography and colorful art direction "

Art? where is the art there? I can't see any art there do you see it? where? in the nudity? in ugly sex? in a bored marriage? hahahaha, in a volkswagen parked at a dump? in a guy cutting off some avocados?

At that movie all what I can see is a poor try to get a pic of the "interior struggle of a pathetic man" for see any stupid sense in his life! About marriage you say? That movie is not about marriage, Is about a pathetic guy, and maybe the theme of a movie is not "bad" but the movie as that (as a movie) is as non sense as could be Diego. Did it really left something to you? Not to me, Not a single good scene, Not a single emotion, Not a single sense of nothing, All it left to me was shame about that "big piece of art and OPERA PRIMA" of a 26 year old guy, that blinds everyone at cannes because it has no sense"

Hey dude WOW! you saw that! it's nothing! A new revelation! Yeah dude! lets call all this no sense movie art! yeah man! lets give it tree great prizes man! Yeah man, like te dude that turn down a toillet and exhibit it as the most wonderful piece of art! yeah man! lets shit and show it like art, I will give me a prize for that, lets do art!

ha, it makes me sick

En serio que idiotez de película pero más idiotas los de cannes que les pasa! Bola de imbéciles.

Por cierto el inglés se me olvida cada día más XD.

Ay a parte el baboso ese de la crítica no sabe ni lo que dice... fotografía la película esta hecha con cámara en mano Por Dios, casi bajo los mismos estatutos de dogma '98 aunque claro no hay comparación.
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