My Name

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Long time ago, I was locked into a black hole. Alone in darkness, alone in my fear, with no more sound that my own voice.

Just because I am different, just because I feel apart, just because the meaning of my name…

I felt that I was miserable, no more less than the final point of this phrase. Then my soul flew away and my body became broken as fragile porcelain.

That’s when I began to cry, my mouth shook trying to contain the shout of pain. I spilled warm tears of blood that crossed my marble face forming a red river of distress.

My mouth opened, letting escape a sad sob, one behind another one, they began to hurt my throat.

And that was enough; it had more pain that I could support. Little by little the panic wrapped me, the anguish was intense, and the pain was killing me.

Suddenly, I couldn’t breath anymore, my mind was out of this reality, and the madness was chasing me like a gore whore.

Just don’t give up so easy, stay clear and close to me, don’t fall in the world of murder, just feel the soft of my skin.

Finally I was falling, and I believe that everything was lost, when a tiny little spot start lighting and my body get illuminated with joy.

Then I understood the meaning of the beginning and the end, and understood that my name wasn’t so bad after the entire mood.

My name is Ed’s and I better than intentional death, better than anything, and if you don’t hear it, is because you’re deaf.

I’m the dark, I’m the light, I represent everything of your entire life. Don’t be such a fool, get into the pool, swim between my verses and get into the mood.

My name is Ed’s, come on and hears it, because I’m better than music, better of which you think. Don’t beg for a piece of bread when you can enjoy in a warm bed, don’t beg for a caress outline and get back into the line.

My name is Ed’s; you better memorize it, so don’t get tired of repeat it. If you don’t remind it, then you’ll be dead.
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