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Top 25 en canciones:
1.- I must be dreamig (Evanescence).
2.-Behind these hazel eyes (Kelly clarkson).
3.-Farther away (Evanescence).
4.-Missing you (BIg dismal).
5.-The ens has come(Ben moody Fet. jason miller).
6.-You shock me al nigth long (AC DC).
7.-Vivo per lei (Andrea bocelli feat. Laura paussini).
8.-Fall in to you (David Hodges).
9.-Everything burns (Ben moody Feat. Anastacia).
10.-Imaginary (Evanescence).
11.-Slow motion (Nickelback).
12.-Since u ben gone (Kelly clarkson).
13.-She's a rebeld (green day).
14.-Superman's dead (Our lady peace).
15.- Thank you for the venom (My chemical romance).
16.-Come on,Come in (Velvet revolver).
17.-Here without you (Three door's down).
18.-Die For you (Megan McCauley).
19.-One day (Trading yesterday).
20.-Mono (Courtney love).
21.-Sick (Seven Wiser)
22.-Stars (Switchfoot)
23.-All that i've Got (The used)
24.-Lost in a portrait (Trap).
25.-Only happy when it's rain (Garbage).

Top 10 en videos:
1.-Behind these hazel eyes ( Kelly clarkson).
2.-My inmortal(Evanescence).
3.-Stars (Switchfoot).
4.-Viveme (Laura paussini).
5.-Nobody's home (Avril lavigne).
6.-Helena (My chemical romance).
7.-Boulevard of broken dreams(Green day).
8.-Bring me to life (Evanescence).
9.-Rumor's (Linsay lohan).
10.-Scars (Papa roach).

Top 10 en discos:
1.-unoficial Demo cd 2002 (Evanescence)
2.-Brakaway (Kelly clarkson).
3.-Three chers for sweat revenge (My chemical romance).
4.-Anywhere but home (Evanescence)
5.-Believe (Big dismal).
6.-Fantastic four (soundtrack).
7.-The punisher (soundtrack).
8.-American idiot (Green day).
9.-Fallen (Evanescence).
10.- Charlie and the chocolate factory (soundtrack).

Top 8 en solistas:
1.-Kelly clarkson
2.-Ben moody.
3.-Megan McCauley
4.-Laura paussini.
6.-Courtney love.
7.-Avril lavigne
8.-David bowie
9.-Celine Dion.
10.-David hodges.

Top 10 en grupos:
5.-Our lady peace.
6.-BIg dismal.
7.-James adicction.
8.-Green day.
9.-My chemical romance
10.-The used.

Top 10 en covers
1.- ACDC cover: You shok me al nigth long (Celine dion Feat. Anastacia).
2.- David bowie feat.Queen cover: Under presure (The used feat. M.C.R).
3.-Smashing pumpkins cover: Zero (Evanescence).
4.-Korn cover: Thougtless (Evanescence).
5.-Soul embraced cover: My tourniquet (Evanescence).

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