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Ñam cancion que describe como me siento en este momento -o-U.

La parte que esta con Negrita es lo que más siento ToT!!!!!


Stained, looking at my hands
I talk with these lines
It's not the answer
I'm crying and I now I know
Looking the sky
I search for an answer
So free, free to be
I'm not another liar
I just want to be myself...myself

And now the beat inside of me
Is a sort of a cold breeze and I've
Never any feeling inside
Around me...
I Bring my body
Carry it into another world
I know I live...but like a stone I'm falling down

Damned, looking into the sky
I can feel this rain
Right now it's falling on me
Fly, I just want to fly
Life is all mine
Some days I cry alone,
But I know I'm not the only one

I see that another day is gone
I don't want to die...
Please be here when I arrive, don't die...please

Ok pero el día esta nublando y a punto de llover, me encantan estos días, aunque este encerrada en mi casa sin poder salir ._...
Y no hay casi nadie en el msn a quien pueda Joder xD!!! :silbar:
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