Entrada en ingles casi ferpecto (?).

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It's half past eleven, and I write a ... I don't know in the blog, and, of course, in English.
Yeah, tomorrow I going to go tu English, and... I going to see Luquitas Miinee ♥.

It's a Blog's I don't know short, beacuse I don't want write a lot.
If Beel comments, (even she don't know what I'm saying), I'm going to cherish her more (?.

Ok, I cherish her know a foreveeer ! :boluudo:. ¡I cherish and I love you:ahh:!
But my heart dance for Luquitas (?)♥.

Well, i'm gone. I'm writing a history about Silent Hill. Beel, I know that you can read "Silent Hill" :D.

You see? It's a COMPLETE Blog's I don't know in unferpect English. This is cool, people, i'm going to do programms on TV in English Unferpect :ahh:

Bye-bye, don't drink too much Coca-Cola ~.
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