Como Conquistar a un Hetero

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1. Heterosexual love is the only norm for people; otherwise it should be considered pathology. Love does't have the only norm, pattern or some other certain rules to follow. Sometimes we tend to name pathology something that we cannot explain or something we haven't any idea of.

2. Gays hate women. To love a man doesn't mean that you therefore will be unfriendly towards women. Love is a positive feeling and it doesn't affect your attitude towards the opposite sex.

3. Homosexuality can be changed through a therapy. Gays are not ill therefore it can not be cured. Psychological or medical treatment is useless, as sexual and emotional feelings cannot be changed artificially.

4. One can choose whether to be or not to be a gay. Most gays sense their orientation as natural, but not a choice, they need to make. We fall in love with somebody irrespective of his or her sex because of complicated emotional and psychological feelings.

5. Most gays have mental diseases, they more often commit suicide and suffer neuroses. This is an absolutely false statement, and it is a universally acknowledged fact that it has nothing to do with mental disease. There are no more neurotics among gays than within heterosexual community.

6. You can readily distinguish a gay as they have particular “female” manners. You can come across a gay and most probably won't pay attention that they are somewhat different. Most people have both feminine and masculine features, and it can be someone's own particular characteristic but not necessarily determines his behavior. The way of behavior can be rather various depending on the individuality.

7. Gays are more sexually aggressive; they solicit young men in public places. There are no proves that gays are more active sexually than heterosexual men, neither is the difference between them in soliciting in public places.

8. Gay couple goes against nature as they can’t give birth to a child. Every tenth heterosexual couple is childless. So nobody punishes them for that.

9. Gays adopt children in order to bring up a gay. You can't bring somebody up a gay, there are no scientifically proven facts that you can educate anyone sexual orientation, otherwise everybody in our society would be a heterosexual.

10. AIDS is a punishment for gays. Doctors at first discovered gays to be infected with AIDS, but this are a pure coincidence. Why does God punish children with poliomyelitis or any other disease? Is there a punishment for some sin? People with different background, religion and skin color have AIDS; this disease doesn’t choose a particular person with a "particular orientation".

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