8 mile :3

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Man, I'm Getttin'
So sick and tired
#Of f*cking' with this steel
They only give us 30 minutes to eat luch and chill
My boyde achin, just to get a buck
I'm sick of eatin' this sh*t
Off this f*ckin' luch truck
Nasty-ass food
I'm in a nasty-ass mood


Okay Folks
Enough with the gay jokes
Especially from a gay broke
B*tch yourself, eh, loc
Who is this
His style is doo-doo
You've worked here loger
than me I get paid more than you do
#Serious, man
Dawg take a seat
What this guy standin in line for
He aint' got money to eat
#Check this out
Yo, Yo
This guy cashed his whole check and
bought one Ho-Ho
F*uckin', homo, little moggot
You can't hack it
#Paul is gay, you're a faggot
At least he admits it
Don't even risk it
This guy's starvin to death
Someone get him biscuit
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