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Hoy es 21 (don't you say!!)

But, I feel so strange, so beyond the clouds..its seems like I had to be "in happy mood", but I'm not. My doubts are so present today..in fact, this week, they're so present this week.
Yesterday I download some cds from Nujabes and they sound so nostalgic to me. So like "I only know how to fly away from here with my mind" and that's not sane at all
I wish I could be ok, more in earth mode, but I can't..now I can't.
Tomorrow its going to be difficult, smilling, hugging and thanking for everything. But its the start of an new year, and besides every day its a new one ( don't you say!!). My feelings can change. sure they can.

I don't feel very well today...not so good
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